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Rhythm and Groove

Rhythm and Groove

on 01-06-2016




Ahead of this week's *BIG* announcement, we are releasing a small part from our recent 10 hour marathon at Nautical, with more to come over the coming weeks. This is the bit where fists are pumping, feet are moving and everyone is going a bit crazy on the dancefloor. These are the 'Midnight Hours' of the party. Enjoy
Listen to Midnight Hours - Exotica @ Nautical Club 14.8.16 by Exotica Music Events #np on #SoundCloud
Yet again, under the moonlight and the tranquility of the sea in view, we had another one to remember.. thanks for joining us
Just a quick reminder about today. We can't wait. Hope to see you there.
We simply can't wait for the weekend to begin. With two events in two cities it looks like its gonna be a good one. On Saturday we will be in the luxurious surroundings of Koi Lounge Bar & A la Carte Restaurant, where we will be on the grass from 4 in the afternoon till late. If you haven't seen why the lounge bar is named after a fish you're in for a surprise. And on Sunday we are back at the beach at Nautical club Beach 'N Joy for another session in our home city. It has only been three weeks since our last visit but anticipation is growing as we get nearer to the date. So join our residents Demi, DNNO, Fantis & Aristodemos for your musical backdrop this weekend.

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